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Has the idea of an small wedding that celebrates quality over quantity and simple over complicated always appealed?  Or are you re-imagining your bigger wedding following a Covid-19 enforced postponement in 2020/21? Whatever the reason we’re celebrating the fact that a smaller wedding makes it possible for the two of you to say I-do in a beautiful and intimate way. If you’re on board with the idea of a more intimate style of wedding, your first decision is what style.  Yep that’s right, you have a few options to choose from. So read on to find your wedding day style.



When you elope you two crazy kids will be ‘running off’ to get married with a Celebrant. Optional extras are a photographer and a couple of witnesses (your Elopement Planner can be your witness).  Your family and friends may or may not know what you’re doing – but either way, they won’t be there.

The focus of an elopement is your Ceremony and whatever the two of you decide to get up to after.  Very often couples choose to elope to a location of special meaning or just somewhere they want to spend a few days together celebrating. 

You can elope anywhere you are able to gather with your ‘team’ of vendors.

In my experience, elopements are always romantic and meaningful. You can’t get much more intimate and in the moment with each other. But there’s no denying they are also a great option if you ‘just want to get married’ without fuss and without delaying other goals you have, like saving for a home, or starting a family.

You don’t need a reason to elope – just do it!

Micro Wedding Planner

Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is a planned wedding with 30 or fewer guests. It’s an edited version of a traditional wedding, typically lasting for under two hours – long enough for your Ceremony, followed by a cocktail hour and photography session.

With a smaller guest list to cater to, a micro wedding may enable you to invest your money into quality inclusions – florals and a gorgeous venue are two of the key elements that can make a micro wedding an exquisite experience.

After your micro wedding, the two of you may choose to ride off into the sunset together or why not keep celebrating with friends and family. We love the idea of a long table lunch, or dinner under the stars with a private chef catering for you at home, or your favourite restaurant.

Tip:  Hire a videographer to film your wedding and the special behind the moments to be shared with those who can’t be there – or why not live-stream your micro wedding!

Mini Wedding

A Mini Wedding is a more traditionally structured wedding with fewer guests – 50 guests or less is the norm for a mini wedding. It is planned and includes a Ceremony, Reception, and entertainment. Couples who choose this this type of wedding are often looking for a wedding that is more intimate and personal and one where they can maximise their spend per guest. A mini wedding is a great option if you would like to be able to invest your budget into the experience for yourselves and just your closest family and friends. 

Tip:  Host your mini wedding earlier in the day or mid-week for extra savings and if restrictions have eased you can always invite extras to an after-party.

small weddings

Which style of wedding is calling out to you?

If you do need some help planning your elopement, micro wedding or mini wedding, we can guide you through the process of choosing the right style and planning it so your wedding goes off without a hitch and you can enjoy your intimate wedding.