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There is no escaping the weather! And if you’re getting married outside, there is no escaping the need for an outdoor Wedding Back-up Plan. And we’re not just talking rain. Wind, extreme cold and heat can all impact on your day in a negative way if you don’t have an outdoor wedding back-up plan that can be seamlessly rolled out if needed. But we don’t just want you to a Plan B – we want you to love your Plan B so much that on the day it actually feels like Plan A.

These Outdoor Wedding Back-up Planning tips will help.

Wedding Day Back-up plan

Have an outdoor wedding back-up plan

The best way to ensure you’re happy with your outdoor wedding back-up plan is to have one in the first place.  And not one you hurriedly put together a few days before your wedding because the weather turned bad – this can lead to disappointment and frustration.  Planning ahead means you have time to consider how to have the wedding of your dreams, whatever the weather.  This way, Plan B feels like Plan A on wedding day.

Choose a wedding venue with indoor options

Choose a venue that offers both outdoor and indoor options for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception.  Whilst you may love the idea of having your Wedding Ceremony in the Garden and Cocktail Hour on the deck, is there the flexibility to bring these ‘events’ indoors if the weather turns bad? These are features we always look for when helping our couples choose a venue where at least one element of the day will be outdoors.

Create an indoor space at your outdoor location

If your preferred venue doesn’t have an indoor option the best way to avoid the stress of what to do if it rains, is to hire a Marquee.  Marquees are also great for cool weather or extremely hot days where it will be uncomfortable for guests to stand outside in the sun.  Sidewalls, heating, and fans can all be used to help with guest comfort.  A Marquee is usually erected 1-2 days prior to the event which allows for lighting to be added and styling to be done. 

Budget for your outdoor wedding back-up plan

Avoid stress by making your backup plan part of your overall wedding day budget from the start.  Not doing this can mean your budget blows out when it comes to putting your Plan B in place, or worse still, that you don’t have the money available to enact a plan you are happy with.

These tips will help you to balance your wedding day budget.

Create a styling plan for your Plan B

At the I Do Crew we work with our couples to design a wet weather plan they can feel excited about – that way if you do have to take your wedding inside it still feels special. This plan is worked out well in advance – usually at the same time we do the Plan A styling plan.

Very often elements that were going to be used outdoors can be brought inside and used to enhance the space.  Or you may need to consider adapting the styling plan to include a focal element – for example, a carpet runner and floral backdrop to help bring the outdoors in.  We also pay special attention to the entrance so the couple (and their guests) feel excited about this new location from the very first moment they see it.

Hire an On the Day Coordinator to help you put your Plan B options in place

The week before your wedding should be spent on personally preparing yourselves for the day and spending time with friends and family who are gathering for your big day.  Hiring an On the Day Coordinator means you can stay focused on enjoying your week, rather than stressing about having to make any changes due to the weather.

Do you need an On the Day Coordinator?

These tips will help you to devise a bad or wet weather plan that doesn’t feel like a Plan B on your wedding day, but if are getting married anywhere in Australia and need some help with a back-up plan for your outdoor wedding, contact us. We would love to help you enjoy your wedding day – regardless of the weather!

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