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Wedding Planning during the Coronavirus is tricky!

Yes the Coronavirus has thrown us all a massive curve ball and seen wedding after wedding postponed. However, if you’ve had to re-schedule your wedding, or were in the middle of planning your wedding for 2020/21, when the Virus hit, we’ve got some suggestions for things you can do to plan your wedding even if you’re isolated.

Most of the wedding planning tasks on this list are things I see couples leave to the last minute – because they’re busy.  But over the next few months, it’s probably not going to be like that for most of us.  You may find yourself with more free time than you know what to do with, which you can use to tick off some wedding planning tasks.  If you get organised now, you will be free to spend your time socialising and doing the things you love to do when we eventually emerge from isolation – confident that your wedding is planned, or almost planned and there won’t be any last minute rush for you.

Audit where you’re at

Before you get started, review where you’re at with your wedding planning.  What have you ticked off and what do you have left to do?  If you don’t have a checklist now is the time to write one.

Also consider the things that may now be more important because of the situation we all find ourselves in. 

  • Do you need to send out ‘Change the Date’ cards to your guests? 
  • Should you be ordering paper good to ensure they get to you in time – keeping in mind that items coming from overseas may be delayed?
  • Are there Vendors you need to contact to update on your situation (if you are postponing or considering postponing)?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this task, talk to your Wedding Planner.  And if you don’t have a Wedding Planner, we are offering an affordable Virtual Wedding Planning service to help couples reschedule their weddings and tick of their wedding planning tasks over the coming months.  Email the I Do Crew to find out more.

Finalise your Pinterest Board

Note I said finalise – not re-do.

This is not the time to start planning your wedding from scratch again.  But if you are in the earlier stages of planning and haven’t defined your vision for your wedding day, do this now.  I like having several boards for each visual element of the wedding, but don’t go overboard here. And it’s ok to have just one board too. 

Regardless of how many boards you have, spend time editing them now so that each board only includes images that reflect the vision you have.  As you do this, keep in mind your boards are a communication tool between you and your Vendors – so don’t confuse them by having images on your board that you like, but don’t relate to your wedding in any way.

Finalise your Guest List

If you have been working from a draft guest list, go ahead and finalise it now.  If family needs to be involved in this process put the names into a Google Sheet and share it around for comments.  Include columns for phone numbers, addresses and email addresses too, so you can collect the information you need for when it’s time to send out invitations. 

Wedding Planning during the Coronavirus
Wedding Planning during the Coronavirus

Plan your Honeymoon

If you haven’t decided on a destination, or the Coronavirus has you re-thinking your plans, put the time in now and find a honeymoon destination.  Go over options together and if you can get quotes. 

There will be a rush on travel bookings when we are free to travel again, which makes this an important activity to do now if you have your heart set on a certain type of honeymoon or destination.

Make your song choices

This is one of the things that is very often left until the last minute and when that happens it turns what is a relatively simple job, into a pain in the you know what.  What songs you need for your wedding will depend on the style of Ceremony and Reception you are having.  Start by identifying what areas of your event you need music for.  As a guide you may want to consider songs for:

  • Pre-Ceremony – as guests arrive
  • Wedding Party Processional
  • Bride’s Processional
  • Signing of the Register
  • Recessional (when you are married and walk back down the aisle together)
  • Your entry at your Reception
  • Cake Cutting
  • First Dance
  • Send Off

You may also like to create playlists for Cocktail Hour and your Reception.

Your lists can be given to your DJ/Musicians as soon as they are finalised (they will love you for getting them in early). And, you’re using a personal device to play music, use something like Spotify to create playlists for each segment of the day.

Wedding Planning online

Dive into some DIY

If you’re planning to make things for your wedding, there could not be a better time to jump onto these projects. 

Draw up a list of the projects you need to complete and what materials you will need for each of them and get to work.  This is a fun way to spend your days at home and will help you to feel productive and positive about your wedding.

What wedding planning will you be doing during the Coronavirus?

The latest information about social gatherings is available from the Australia Government here.