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Here are the answers to the 9 most common wedding planning questions we were asked in 2022.

Wedding Day Run Sheet

Use this guide to creating a Wedding Day Run Sheet to have a wedding day that flows beautifully, with enough time for everything.

Wedding Coordination

There are just 4 weeks until you and your partner say your I-Do’s. You’re in the home stretch. What we call Wedding Coordination. And even if you are super organised, there will still be a lot to do in these last four weeks. Which is where our Ultimate 4 Week Wedding Day Countdown guide comes […]

If you’ve got a wedding to plan you might be asking yourself this question; how long does it really take to plan a wedding? I’ve been asked this question quite a lot over the years and here’s my honest answer – how long have you got? Most couples take the time they have available to […]

Wedding Coordination Tips

You’ve been planning your wedding and things are going great. You’re 100% happy with your decision not to hire a Wedding Planner. But lately you’ve started to worry about all of the things that have to be done on the day.  Things that you would love to do yourself but won’t be able to do because […]

Assembling your dream team of wedding vendors is one of the first things you’ll be doing when you commence your wedding planning. I recommend starting with the Vendors who will need to be with you on the day – the ones who can’t really be involved in another wedding (unless they have a big team) […]

A wedding website is a hub where you can store all of the important information about your wedding for your guests.  And because you can personalise a wedding website with imagery and other fun details about yourselves and your wedding, it’s a great way to build excitement about your big day whilst giving your guests […]

Were you planning a small, intimate wedding only to find that your guest list has grown bigger and now seems too big for the Venue you chose? Whilst we recommend doing a draft guest list before you choose a Venue, we know this doesn’t always happen. Or perhaps you did, but changed your mind after […]

As Wedding Day Mangers (On the Day Coordinators) we usually start working closely with our couples about 8 weeks out from their Wedding. And whilst part of our role is prepare and distribute a detailed Wedding Day Timeline for them and the Wedding Party, Family and Vendors, very often our couples have started to think […]

You’re planning your own wedding. Go you!! Wedding Planning can be fun, and I know you can do it. In fact, I think you’re the best person to do it. You know what you want. Or at least you will after you’ve done the initial work to make sure the two of you are on […]

Planning your wedding is easy, said just about no one ever, but it also doesn’t have to be difficult.  If you’re just engaged, or feeling a bit stuck with planning your wedding, we recommend that you close Pinterest and put your wedding checklist to the side – just for a moment.  Next, dim the lights, […]

Brisbane Wedding Planner

Sunny Brisbane is known for its laid back charm, urban energy and opportunities for adventure on its doorstep. There’s a strong focus on the outdoors in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Alfresco dining, picnics by the river, islands off the coast and national parks are all reasons people love Brisbane. When it comes to getting […]