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You’ve been planning your wedding and things are going great. You’re 100% happy with your decision not to hire a Wedding Planner. But lately you’ve started to worry about all of the things that have to be done on the day.  Things that you would love to do yourself but won’t be able to do because you’ll be getting ready. Of course you could ask a family member or friend to help. But, that doesn’t seem fair because they should be enjoying themselves at your wedding. Never fear – there is a service that’s been designed especially for couples like you. Wedding Coordination. But there’s a surprising secret to hiring a Wedding Coordinator, which I’m about to share with you.

Wedding Coordination Tips

What is Wedding Coordination?

A day-of wedding coordinator is a person responsible for making sure the wedding day or weekend is executed perfectly. Their roles include overseeing vendors, managing the timeline, and overcoming any last-minute challenges that arise during the festivities.

Why would you hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator enables you to hand over the management of the wedding you’ve planned to a professional, so the two of you can relax and enjoy your day as much as your guests.

Perhaps you have a good sense of what is involved on the day, either because you’ve identified the things you’ll need help with (based on the plans you’ve made), or because you’ve helped friends and family on their wedding day.

What’s actually behind Wedding Coordination varies from wedding to wedding and is directly related to the uniqueness of the day you’re planning. But generally speaking Wedding Coordination involves:

  • Directing the rehearsal the day before
  • Greeting and coordinating all the vendors involved, from the hair and make up artists and the florist to the caterer and the DJ.
  • Ensuring the set up of the ceremony and the reception is as envisioned by you.
  • Completing finishing touches to the Styling and Set-up.
  • Communicating with the wedding party at key times during the day e.g. entrance, speeches, etc. 
  • Troubleshooting and managing any emergency situations.
  • Wedding Coordination also usually involves managing the timings to keep the wedding on schedule, and informing the vendors/venue of any changes as the day goes on.

So what’s the secret to hiring a Wedding Coordinator who is able to do all of these things and more for you on your Wedding Day?

It’s simply this: Wedding Coordination starts before the wedding day! 

Which Means On the Day Wedding Coordination is a Myth!

If you come across a Wedding Planner offering On the Day Wedding Coordination – run. There is no way a Wedding Coordinator can execute your wedding day plan by just showing up on the day. There is a lot more that is required before the day in order to carry out all the tasks above and to ensure the smooth running of the wedding. When a couple hire a professional to manage their wedding day, more hours than the day itself are necessary to perfectly execute their plans.

Wedding Coordination at the I Do Crew

At the I Do Crew Wedding Coordination starts about 8 weeks out from your wedding and includes a meeting with you about 6-4 weeks prior.  Together we review the essential details of the wedding, to then create a comprehensive schedule to share with the vendors booked. Your Wedding Coordinator will also liaise with all Vendors and the Venue prior to and on your wedding day, to ensure all is in order. It may also involve visiting the location of the wedding with you prior to the day for a walkthrough. At this walkthrough your Wedding Coordinator will confirm your styling plan and set up requirements and go over timing details – giving you the confidence to let go and relax because you know that the plans you’ve made are in good hands.

When Wedding Coordination is done this way, starting before the wedding day, it becomes the service that you’re looking for in those moments when you’re asking yourself; who is going to do… ?  

Wedding Coordination
Ali & Neale

A Real Couple’s View of Wedding Coordination

But don’t just take it from me. This is what Ali & Neale had to say about hiring the I Do Crew to coordinate their wedding.

My partner and I used I Do Crew for on-the-day wedding coordination and it was one of the best (if not the best) investments we made in the day!! None of the other money we spent would have been worth it if we were stressed out trying to manage things. In the lead up, Christine and Lisa would check in with us every now and then and offer advice, contact vendors or even hunt down RSVPs if needed!! They were a great support.

Our venue was a blank slate so we brought along most of the decor ourselves and there were a bunch of different vendors to coordinate. Lisa was our coordinator on the day. She came to the venue the day before the wedding to work out where everything was, and to understand exactly what we wanted where and when. On the day it was executed perfectly (better than we imagined)!! Lisa has a great eye and made our random assortment of crafts, flowers and decorations look really elegant. She didn’t stop running the whole day, but was so fun to have around and made it all look easy. We are really grateful to Lisa, Christine and I Do Crew for making our wedding day such a fun and special day for us and all of our guests! X⁣

Ali & Neale

Why you’ll Thank me Sharing this Secret to Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators tend to be very helpful people by nature – helping you to enjoy your wedding day is what brings us the most joy. There are so many things we’ll gladly do for you and some of them you may not have considered yourselves as yet – as you don’t have the experience that a Wedding Coordinator has. This is why it’s so important to hire a Wedding Coordinator who will work with you in those last few weeks to bring the final details together – this is the secret to a seamless, stress free and joyful wedding day for you and your guests.

To find out more about the ways an I Do Crew Wedding Coordinator can help you, visit our Wedding Coordination page or contact us for an obligation fee phone consultation to chat about your wedding day.