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There are just 4 weeks until you and your partner say your I-Do’s. You’re in the home stretch. What we call Wedding Coordination. And even if you are super organised, there will still be a lot to do in these last four weeks. Which is where our Ultimate 4 Week Wedding Day Countdown guide comes in handy.

Wedding Coordination

What the Ultimate 4 Week Wedding Day Countdown Looks Like

We’ve broken our Ultimate 4 Week Wedding Day Countdown guide into these sections:

  • 4 Weeks Before
  • 2 Weeks Before
  • 1 Week Before
  • 1 Day Before
  • The Wedding Day

Before you dive in, keep this in mind. Wedding Day Checklists of any sort are a guide! You’ve planned a unique wedding with event details that only relate to your big day. You’ll need to tailor this list to suit the details of your wedding. Look at your list of to-do’s alongside our guide. Then, create your own Wedding Coordination checklist for the last four weeks. If you’re working with a Wedding Coordinator they will help you with this. In the overview below the items we would help you with as your Wedding Coordinator, are in bold.

Whether you’re heading towards the homestretch, or you want to plan ahead so you are super organised, I’ve got you!

Let’s dive into your Ultimate 4 Week Wedding Day Countdown.

4 Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Finalise wedding day details and logistics with your Vendors
  • Finalise all of the print projects that don’t rely on final numbers (for example signage and order of service booklets)
  • Wrap up any DIY or craft projects
  • Confirm details with anyone making speeches at your wedding
  • Finalise the guest list – contacting any guests who are yet to RSVP
  • Have your final fittings – that goes for both of you and your wedding party

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Give venue/caterer final guest headcount
  • Create your table plan
  • Confirm Vendor requirements & arrangements (for e.g. fridge space for the cake, a table for the DJ, access to power for the Photobooth) 
  • Complete any Vendor ‘homework’ – your photography shot list for example
  • Create the Wedding Day Timeline and circulate to all Vendors for input
  • Print place cards, seating chart and menus and any other printing that was waiting on final numbers
  • Call all wedding suppliers to confirm arrangements – create a timetable for day
  • Brief your Wedding Party on any ‘jobs’ you have for them leading up to the big day or on the day itself

1 Week Before the Wedding

  • Send out the final Timeline to: vendors, wedding party, emcee and immediate family with roles in your wedding
  • Give ceremony and reception coordinators a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times, plus contact numbers
  • Take care of yourself – get a manicure, massage and waxing. 
  • Try on your wedding day attire including shoes, your veil, accessories etc.
  • Organise for your wedding day attire to be pressed and packed for the wedding day
  • Wear your shoes in
  • Pack an overnight bag for the reception
  • Pack for the honeymoon
  • Organise catering for the locations each of you will be getting ready at
  • Have a final preparation meeting with your Wedding Coordinator

The Day Before the Wedding

  • Pack Wedding Day attire and anything else you’ll need if you’re not getting ready at home
  • Drop off place cards, table cards, menus, favours, order of service booklets etc. to Venue or your Wedding Coordinator (the Wedding Rehearsal is a good time to do this)
  • Provide all wedding professionals with an emergency phone number to call on the day of the wedding (when you work with I Do Crew this is your Wedding Coordinator)
  • Finalise all payments
  • Check in with all Vendors to finalise arrival times and arrangements
  • Rehearse ceremony with your Celebrant/Officiant, full wedding party, Wedding Coordinator and anyone else participating in the Ceremony
  • If you’ve checked into a hotel ensure the Vendors who need your room number are advised before the end of the day
  • Enjoy a relaxing evening and go to bed early
  • Give wedding bands, your vows and speeches to a trusted member of your Wedding Party to hold during the ceremony and keep safe for you

The Wedding Day!

  • Follow a relaxing morning routine and have a good breakfast
  • Follow any instructions from your hair or makeup artist to ensure you’re ready for them when they arrive
  • Appoint a member of the wedding party to be your main point of contact for any questions that come your way during the day
  • Give your phone to a member of the wedding party or a family member

If you’d like the I Do Crew by your side as you tick off your Wedding Coordination tasks, contact us. We’ll customise a package to suit your wedding coordination needs.

And as always, Happy Wedding Planning!