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I am sure that you like me, have been to weddings where the couple chose to recite the standard pre-written wedding vows to each other and other weddings where the couple chose to share personalised wedding vows and promises.  Like just about anything to do with your Wedding Planning, there is no right or wrong way. But let me ask you – which vows are the ones that you connected with most? Which wedding vows had you smiling, giggling, shedding a tear and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and ready to party at the reception?  I am going to say; personal wedding vows.

So why don’t more people write their own wedding vows?  Over time, experience has taught me that it’s generally one of two reasons (and sometimes both); the thought of doing so is uncomfortable or, it just didn’t occur to the couple that they could.  If you are ready to give writing your own wedding vows a try, click away now and grab our free guide to help you do just that.

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Can we write our own Wedding Vows?

Let me clear up the second objection very quickly for you if you are in the; can we write our own vows camp?

Yes you can! 

There are guidelines to follow to ensure that you are legally wed, but your Officiant can help with those.  Regardless of those guidelines you can still write personal wedding vows and promises to one another.

So that brings us to the other objection, which is about feeling uncomfortable.  If you find that words don’t come naturally to you, you just don’t enjoy writing, or you don’t know where to start when it comes to putting your feelings down on paper, we have you covered.  We have written a very easy to follow guide to help you write meaningful and personal wedding vows to each other and the best part?

Your vows do not have to be long; 60 seconds or 200 words is enough. 

And did I say; easy to follow, step by step guide?  If you follow the steps in our I Do Crew Guide, you you will be able to get your feelings down on paper without too much difficulty at all!

Your Wedding Ceremony and the exchange of wedding vows is an intimate and emotional moment that should reflect your personality, shared journey and hopes for the future.  By writing your own personal wedding vows to each other, you are investing yourselves in what is so special about that moment.

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