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If you have been hanging out on Pinterest or Instagram you have probably heard the term; first look. Whilst growing in popularity at weddings here in Australia, it is still a relatively new ‘thing’ to do on your wedding day, so we thought it was time to take a closer look at what a first look is and run through some pros and cons.

The First Look

A first look is exactly that, your first look at each other after you are dressed, made up and ready to go, but before the ceremony begins.  Yes, before the Ceremony begins. So that is the first thing to understand about a First Look; it throws out the tradition of not seeing each other before the I-Do’s.  So why would you do it?

 A first look at a wedding

The First Look – An Intimate Moment

Pro:  One of the main reasons you might choose a first look is for the photos.  Whether its because you want intimate photos together, without everyone else around, or because you want to get the photos out of the way so you can spend time with your guests later, a first look can be a good option.  A first look may also be a great idea for you if the time of of your ceremony conflicts with the best time of the day to have your photos, or if you want to have those photos at a different location to the wedding.  If this aspect of a first look appeals to you, talk to your Wedding Photographer to find out more about how to make it work on your day.
Con:  You see each other before the Ceremony.  I have been to a lot of weddings and there are a few moments that are universally special and one of those is the moment when the person walking down  the Aisle (Bride or Groom) comes into their Fiance’s view.  Yes it is traditional and maybe out of step with the reality of the times where many couples are already living together and may have even seen each other on the morning of the wedding.  But I haven’t met too many couples who don’t anticipate that wonderful moment and enjoy it when it happens.  It is one of the moments of a wedding that many individuals have imagined over and over again and it is special when it happens.

Wedding Photographer

The First Look – A Stress Buster

Pro:  You see each other for the first time in private.  Yes that moment of seeing each other at the Ceremony is special, but there are other people witnessing that.  A first look can be an equally special moment, in private, before the Ceremony.  Whilst a lot of people do a first look with their bridal party and a photographer, it can be limited to the two of you, or begin that way.  If you are feeling the nerves on the day, or have felt stressed in the lead up, this can be a really nice way to connect before joining your guests.
Con:  You will probably have an earlier start on the day.  There is a lot to fit into a wedding day, especially in the hours before the I Do’s.  Whilst a first look can cut down on the photo time after the Ceremony, it will add time to the pre-wedding schedule.  Most couples have a very early start on wedding day and I know from experience even the best run timeline allows little time for extras on the morning of a wedding.  If you are going to do a first look, unless you are getting married quite late in the day, expect to be getting ready even earlier, so you can fit it into the schedule.

If you are planning on having a first look at your wedding and would like some advice on how to schedule it all in on the day, talk to us!  Timing is everything on your wedding day and fitting in this special moment and ensuring it’s a private as you want it to be, takes some ‘managing’ by your On the Day Wedding Coordinator.