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Booking your wedding venue is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process.  It’s also one of the very first things you should be doing.  Great wedding venues book quickly and apart from that, a lot of other decisions you make will depend on the venue you choose.

And of course, there are more questions that you must ask your wedding venue before you book – are you available on my date being one of them.

The questions I’ve outlined for you below are the ones you want to make sure you specifically ask. These questions will help you avoid Venue regret later (when you realise that your chosen venue is not aligned with your vision after-all).

What’s in the wedding venue contract fine-print? 

Before you get too excited about a wedding venue, ask them to spell out exactly what’s in the fine print. Typically this will include items such as:

  • Cancellation fees & conditions.
  • Minimum spend requirements.
  • Noise restrictions.
  • Alcohol & catering restrictions.
  • Requirements regarding preferred suppliers.
  • Restrictions around what you can and can’t do in terms of styling and using elements like candles and even confetti.
  • Requirements for how the venue must be left post wedding. For example are you required to clean the venue?
  • Any other conditions or policies the venue has because these do vary from venue to venue.

What are the maximum capacities of different floor plans at the Wedding Venue? 

Whether you’re planning a seated or cocktail event, changing the shape, size and layout of your furniture will affect how many guests you can fit in the space. Your venue should be able to give you guidelines for capacity for the different layouts available.

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Will we have exclusive use of the venue on the day of our wedding?

Check if other events can be held on the same day or at the same time as your wedding, and if so, what this means for access to indoor and outdoor spaces.  Don’t ask if there is another wedding currently booked in for the same day/time – ask if one can be. And if the answer is yes, ask the Venue Manager to explain what this might mean for your wedding and your guests.

Is there a set schedule for our event?

Many venues have start and finish times you’ll need to stick to and tight turnarounds for setup and pack down. Confirm these details with your venue prior to committing to ensure that the wedding you’re envisaging can be scheduled at the venue.

What processes are in place for managing our booking?

Some venues experience high turnovers of staff; which means that the venue manager you fell in love with when you booked, may not be there when you’re one month out from your wedding.  Ask the venue how they deal with staff changes and what processes they have in place for ensuring that every detail that gets discussed and confirmed is available for whoever will be working on your wedding come wedding day.

Wedding Venue Tips

What provisions do you make for wet or bad weather on our wedding day?

Wet and extreme weather (heat, wind, snow) is something you have to plan for.  Review the venue’s wet/bad weather plan with them so you have a full understanding of what a backup plan for your wedding will entail. And ask yourself, would this be ok with me on the day. 

What does the pricing include and exclude?

Different venues offer different inclusions when it comes to food, beverages, staffing, equipment, furniture, and decor. Find out what costs are covered and what you’ll need to budget extra for. You don’t want any surprises!

Armed with these questions and our tips for your venue walkthroughs you are setting yourself up for wedding venue success rather than regret. And remember, we’re here to help too. Contact us to find out more about selecting the perfect venue for your wedding.