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As more and more couples choose to do away with tradition and design weddings that reflect their personality and style we thought we would share 3 suggestions for how to do your wedding your way!

Include Something Fun & Unexpected In Your Day

Recently we shared the story of Sabita and Julian who not only embraced the First Look trend, but who got ready for their wedding together and walked down the aisle arm in arm (that’s Sabita above, and this fab image was taken by Cassie Sullivan).  Sabita rocked a leather jacket and t-shirt and they kept trying to kiss each other throughout the ceremony and before being pronounced ‘man and wife’. All of these things and more made them happy, delighted their guests and gave their wedding an unexpected charm that really set the tone for the whole event. If you want to do your wedding your way, consider what elements you can include that are meaningful to you and will add a sense of fun to the day. You can’t go wrong if you do something that your guests will immediately associate with you. For example, if your Dog is your furry child and you want them to be at your wedding, dressed up with a bow tie, go for it. If you want to ditch traditional wedding attire and wear trainers, a red dress, or a yellow suit because that is your style, why not?  There is no rule that says your wedding can’t be fun!

Make It Personal

There is also no reason why your wedding needs to be defined as rustic, fairytale or classic.  Instead, inject personality into your wedding design by embracing what you are known for and making that the theme for your wedding. Your style, personality and story as a couple can be the inspiration. Have you traveled together, do you have a shared hobby, are you known for a certain style of dress, or a love of organic food.  Are you sporty, nerdy, bookish or a ‘rager’? Recently we Coordinated the wedding of a couple who have a shared love of Dungeons and Dragons and they combined this with the Groom’s Scottish heritage and got married in a small country town where the Bride’s family lives.  On their own, none of these things seemed to go together, but because they reflected this couple’s history and passions, combined they made for the perfect wedding theme for them.

Throw Out The Runsheet

Most weddings follow a pretty similar pattern; ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, reception, dinner, speeches, cake cutting, dancing and goodnight.  And there is nothing wrong with that. But if the thought of doing what most of your friends have done doesn’t excite you, throw the Runsheet to the side.  With a clean slate and working together, determine your priorities for the day, along with the things that you must include (for example a legally binding ceremony if you want to be legally married).  And whilst this approach may require you to put the expectations of others to side, we recommend that you also consider guest comfort; after-all your day won’t be as much fun if your friends and family aren’t enjoying it alongside you.  But apart from that, set forth and design your day, your way!

Do you have a suggestion for 'going your own way' on wedding day?  We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments and if you need some help Coordinating your unique and personal wedding day, talk to us about our how we can help you.