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Wedding Timeline

There are so many details to consider when thinking about your wedding day timeline – it can get overwhelming very quickly. When I am putting a timeline together for our couples I start by talking to the ‘on the day’ Vendors to gain an understanding of the timeline of them providing their individual services. It is also helpful to get their insight into things that may affect their ability to stay on time and with that in mind, today we are going to take a closer look at the timeline from the point of view of a Photographer. Helping us with this is Fran of Mornington Weddings by Fran has given us a list of 5 things you might forget when it comes to your wedding day timeline. Take it away Fran:

Information is key when planning the logistics and the backbone of your wedding day. A wedding day timeline together with your wedding budget will be the bones and muscle of your wedding day. Figuring out a wedding day timeline might seem overwhelming at first when you start thinking of all the possibilities, but the beginning is always the hardest part. Our suggestion is to start with your Ceremony Time and your reception start time (if you are going with a traditional venue then they will most likely have a detailed timeline for you). Once you have those two key moments then you can start working out the pre-wedding logistics. While working out your timeline sometimes things don’t go to plan, we want above all for you to have a chilled and memorable day, so here is a list of unexpected things that you should keep in the back of your mind while planning your wedding day.

Wedding planning: unexpected things to keep in mind for wedding timeline

  • Include in your schedule an additional 10 minutes after your ceremony; for people to congratulate you and your partner straight after the ceremony
  • If you are having a weekday wedding consider traffic conditions in peak hour, or any other traffic issue (like major works taking place at tunnels or highways) that could affect your transport times on the day. Also keep in mind if you are using vintage cars that they tend to be slower than modern day cars.
  • Arrange to have 2 cars to take to the locations of your wedding portraits, this will allow for the bridal party to leave a bit earlier and for you to have a few minutes of quiet time to share an intimate moment with your partner before hitting the dance floor and the rest of the celebrations.
  • Consider leaving the reception for 10 to 15 minutes for sunset photos near your reception venue.
  • Consider leaving a bit of a buffer in your timeline to allow for unexpected things like a dress malfunction to be corrected, or unexpected items left behind (like a legal document needed for the ceremony.
Wedding Runsheet

Thanks Fran! What I love about Fran’s tips is that they are all about giving you as the couple some additional time during the day, so you don’t always feel rushed from one moment to the next. Love this! What these tips will also do is give you (or you Wedding Coordinator) time to come up with quick solutions for unexpected situations, and above all allow you to have a memorable day. If you are getting married in the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne or Bayside areas, make sure you visit Fran’s website.

For more tips on wedding planning come and check out our top wedding planning questions answered (insert hyperlink: https://idocrew.com.au/your-wedding-planning-questions-answered/) .

Remember to reach out if you would like us to style your event! Let’s start planning your day.

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