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Because we specialise in On the Day Coordination, most of our couples have chosen their wedding venue before they book with us.  Now whilst we can make just about anything you want work (because hey, that’s what we do), there are some this you will want to consider before you book your venue, to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

1. Know what you are paying for

Before you book your wedding venue, ensure you understand exactly what it is that you are paying for in your fee.  For example, does the venue come with chairs, tables, linens etc. and if so, do they match your wedding décor (or appeal to your taste)? Do you need to bring everything in (in the case of a bare venue), or could you potentially want to hire alternatives for any of the items included with your hire fee? And if you hire alternatives, does the venue still set them up for you, or will you have to pay someone to assist with this?

You should also consider if the venue has on-site catering and if not, if it has facilities for cooking and keeping food and drinks cool.  You should also ask the venue to explain what staff (if any) they provide for your wedding as part of the fee and whether you may need additional staff; for example an On the Day Coordinator, or extra wait-staff.

These are not always easy questions to answer in the early stages of your planning, but they are important to consider so you understand the real cost of your venue choice. If you are considering a non-traditional venue for your wedding, an On the Day Coordinator, like us, can be extremely helpful at this stage of your Wedding Planning.

2. Consider the logistics of your wedding venue choice

Before you book your wedding venue, consider how it is going to work logistically; for you, your guests and your vendors.  For example, is your venue easily accessible, or will vendors and guests need to travel some distance to reach it? Does there need to be accommodation close by and may you need to provide a bus to transport guests to and from the venue (something that is often the case for regional weddings)? 

If your Wedding Ceremony and Reception are not at the same location could there be additional factors to consider such as timings, or moving décor items from one location to another?

Wedding Venue Tips

3. Does the wedding venue allow sufficient time for the styling and set-up you require?

Some venues have short bump in and out times which can affect a Vendor’s ability to deliver the service you require of them; your Florist, Stylist and even your DJ are all vendors that may be affected by a short amount of time to set up.

For example, if your Florist needs to construct installations on-site, but the venue only allows access an hour or two before your wedding, the Florist will potentially need additional staff for your wedding – which will increase the cost of their service. This often occurs if the venue is booked for other events on the same day, or is open to the public during the day (as is the case for many restaurants that open for lunch and then close for an evening wedding reception).

Does the wedding venue have a bad weather back up?

If any part of your wedding is outdoors, you need to ask your wedding venue whether they provide any options in case of bad weather and if so, whether there are additional costs for this.

If the wedding venue does not have a bad weather option available you then need to consider what impact this may have on your wedding and your wedding budget. For example, could you potentially need to hire a Marquee in case of rain?  Or is it possible that you would have to move your event in the case of rain or extreme heat/cold/wind? What alternatives are available to you and what logistics and costs need to be considered?

Wedding Coordination

A great way to work through these questions is to use a spreadsheet to compare the inclusions and exclusions of any venue you are considering.  This is also something we can assist you with at the I Do Crew.  Simply contact us to discuss how we can help you to avoid costly mistakes when choosing your wedding venue.

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