Tips for planning a barn wedding

Lately we have been receiving a lot of requests for On the Day Wedding Coordinators for couples having weddings on farms and in barns.  We love these types of weddings;  they are always a fun and unique experience.  But they can also be a lot of work.  One of the things we most commonly hear from couples is that there is so much more to planning this type of wedding than they expected.  Many couples choose this type of wedding because they were looking for something a little more relaxed, but the truth is, without careful planning a wedding in a barn or on a farm, can be anything but.

The first thing you will probably notice as you go about planning your farm or barn wedding is that you may be working with an almost clean space.  Unless the venue has been set up specifically to offer weddings, it may not have all the facilities you need, which means bringing everything in.  On the upside, you have a clean space to work with, which means you can let your personality shine through.

To help you get it right and love every minute of planning your barn or farm wedding we have some essential tips for you.

On the Day Coordinator Farm Wedding

Define your budget

It is a myth that a wedding in a barn or on a farm is cheaper.  Even if you or your family own the farm or barn, costs can blow out, because there is so much you have to hire, to make your location work for the number of guests you are going to have.  Some of the costs you will need to consider include chairs, tables, amenities, lighting, tents, generators, etc, etc.  We recommend doing some research early on to determine the costs of hiring the essentials, so you know right from the outset what will be possible with the budget you have.

Inspect the site

Even if you know the site, inspect it.  Walk over it with your family, partner and if you have one, your Wedding Planner. As you do this, determine where each stage of the wedding will take place. Do this at the same time of the day as you intend to marry if you can.  Think about the distances between the areas you  plan on using and also consider accessibility; for guests and vendors.  Ensure you understand when you can access the venue and when you need to have everything taken off site, following your wedding.  Think about the location and the distance vendors and guests will have to travel to reach it and whether you need to provide accommodation options for anyone.

On the Day Wedding Planner Barn Wedding

Book in the rentals

If you need to bring everything to the site, from chairs and tables, to amenities, power and lighting, make booking your Rentals a priority.  This process can be overwhelming. We often hear from couples that they don’t know where to start and this is where working with an experienced Wedding Planner can be helpful.  Also make sure you get a quote from the Rental company for setting up and packing down along with simply dropping off for you or your On the Day Wedding Coordinators, to set up and pack down; the cost of each can vary significantly.

If you are doing this part on your own, start by writing out everything you know about your wedding and what you want as part of it and then make your way through that information methodically, considering what you have available to you on site and what will have to be hired and brought onto the site.  You may need input from the farm or barn owner too.

Consider hiring an On the Day Wedding Planner if you are doing everything yourself.  A wedding in a barn or on a farm generally features a lot of Vendors/Suppliers and having someone there to liaise with them and ensure everyone is working from the same plan, will make the day so much more enjoyable for you and your guests.

Consider Lighting

Barns and farms are almost always screaming out for lighting when it comes to weddings and events.  Barns tend to have dark corners, harsh over-head lights (if any) and farms, spread out over large area of land, have vast spaces that light just doesn’t reach to.  Lighting is essential for safety and of course creating just the right mood for your wedding.  Develop a lighting plan with the help of your Planner and Lighting vendor.  The same goes for sound!

Know the rules

If your barn or farm does not host events and weddings normally, the owners may not fully understanding their obligations when it comes to health, safety and noise.  It is important that everyone understands their obligations and that you look into things like insurance too.  Speak with local authorities and your insurance company to ensure your wedding is compliant and that everyone involved is covered in the case of accidents.

Make it your own

The best weddings are the ones that reflect the personality and style of the couple and barn and farm weddings are no exception.  As with any wedding, we highly recommend that you start with Pinterest and gather inspiration for a wedding that appeals to you.  There is almost nothing that you cannot do when it comes to a barn or farm wedding; whether your style is classy and elegant or rustic, it will all work with your venue, as long as you make it your own and consider your budget!   A Wedding Planner with experience working in unusual venues will be able to help you with this too.

We hope that our tips for planning a barn or farm wedding help you and if you have had a wedding like this and have your own tips to share, please add them to the comments.